About Us

DME Tuning is your expert for tuning, service and upgrades. We guarantee you professional service, individual tuning and parts/products quality at a fair price.

We are providing best tuning services for your vehicle/motorcycles which are including with different stages/set-ups with more horsepower and torque while lowering fuel consumption. Besides saving on fuel, the vehicle/motorcycle is much more agile when it comes to acceleration and performance. Overtaking cars on the highway does not require a downshift anymore.

OBD Tuning
Most vehicles can be tuned through the vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port. This applies mainly on vehicles manufactured from 1998-2018. If an OBD option is not available, don’t worry, we have you covered with our TriCore BootMode/OBD tuning option.

BDM Tuning
If OBD and Tri-Core Bootmode tuning options are not available for your vehicle, we have a solution for you. Using BDM Tuning, we can access the DME’s software via factory installed pads on the DME which are used primarily for reprogramming when the car is being built.

Motorcycle Tuning
Besides vehicles, we can optimize the software on motorcycles. Most motorcycle tuning can be done through the OBD port. We can also tune motorcycles that do not allow communication over the OBD by removing the motorcycle’s computer referred to as the DME (Digital Motor Electronics). Once the DME has been removed, we can tune the DME on the bench and re-install it back into the motorcycle in order to optimize the motorcycle’s software.

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